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Ongoing activities/completed projects within outsourcing,  strategic development and export market analysis.


Ongoing activities

Outsourcing/globalization (selection)



  • Off-shore Brazil
  • IT-development  Indonesia (2008-?)
  • Windtechnology USA (2009-?)
  • Partner search Russais
  • Trawler equipment Russia
  • Marine equipment Singapore
  • Romania pigfarming


Strategic development and change management


Development of new strategy and focus areas for 5 small/medium-sized companies on South Funen ( EU Regional Funds 2003-04)

Strategic growth for 3 companies in South Funen (2006-07) - EU regional Fund



Completed Projects

The below completed projects are a selection of projects carried out by JMS Management in recent years in cooperation with national and international companies.




  • Establishment of stainless   steel work production in India.
  • Establishment of textile production in Poland
  • Establishment of sub supplier cooperation between Danish metal works and Lithuanian
  • companies.
  • Local production of wood houses in Lithuania.
  • Coordination of Nopef applications to a total amount of DKK 4M for approx. 15 companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland.


Business development, export analysis etc.


  • Export development for 60 companies (2000-04) via e.g. EU arrangements and The Danish Trade Council  Objective 2)
  • Management consultancy/restructuring – several companies
  • Ongoing EU- and Danida programmes in cooperation with e.g. www.exportkonsulenterne.dk
  • Establishment of companies in the Baltic countries, Poland and India.
  • Solar heating  Europe
  • Marquetry  – European Super Yacht Industry
  • Windows UK, Ireland and Norway
  • Food supplement Europe
  • Robot technology manufacturing industries
  • Robot technology nurseries
  • Internet Computer games
  • Stairways  Norway
  • Application of  IT-tools as part of a strategic development (approx. 20 companies for Odense Trade Council)
  • Business development in  15 companies within the horticultural sector



Completed projects

In collaboration with national and international companies JMS Management has completed several projects within export, strategic development and business intelligence




Ongoing projects
At this moment JMS Management is  working on a project to establish contact between Lithuania and a Danish factory specialised within metal processing. Furthermore we are involved in a larger environmental project and the establisment of a surface treatment plant in China.






Complete or partial outsourcing of production to countries with low vages.



Subsidy options

Counselling on subsidy options, applications, EU fonds etc.


Export market analysis

We have partners in 45 countries and work close together with the Danish cousil of export.


Strategic development

Advice on business intelligence, strategic develoment etc.


Board of Directors

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