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Board of Directors


Today the need and necessity of having professional directors is indisputable and extensive. Directors should have the experience and ability to function as scouts/observer and ambassador for the company and to work as trouble shooters in connection with the ongoing adjustment of the company strategy and business.


It is necessary to conduct business and act in accordance with the quickly changing requirements, and in this respect it is of vital importance to have professional and experienced trouble shooter. We already have several directorships, and if consistent with our knowledge and experience we are ready to take on further directorships.

We can also assist with the composition and appointment of a professional board of directors adjusted to the requirements of your company.

Selection of present/previous directorships (*=active)


  • C. Nørgaard A/S*(Chairman)
  • Dansk Geofysik A/S (chairman)
  • Båring Savvæk A/S*
  • STM Vinduer A/S
  • BCM Transtech A/S*(chairman)
  • Danish Farm Design A/S * (Chariman)
  • Gartneriet Kronborg*
  • Sustain Agri*
  • Nordfyns Erhvervsråd *
  • Gartneriet Munk (Chairman)
  • SILAK*
  • GJ Teknik A/S
  • Blommenslyst golfklub
  • Erhvervsklub Fyn  (Chairman)
  • Aarslev Polymere Industri A/S
  • Maria Sohl Design A/S
  • Dino Racing A/S
  • Uni Bolt A/S



Completed projects

In collaboration with national and international companies JMS Management has completed several projects within export, strategic development and business intelligence




Ongoing projects
At this moment JMS Management is  working on a project to establish contact between Lithuania and a Danish factory specialised within metal processing. Furthermore we are involved in a larger environmental project and the establisment of a surface treatment plant in China.