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Access to: 


  • Low labour costs
  • Attractive  sales opportunities
  • Cheap raw materials etc.
  • Product development/access to engineering and devopment competences
  • New customers


There are a lot of exciting opportunities in these new countries, but also a great deal of pitfalls. Time rates starts as low as DKK 2 in Ukraine and up to DKK 40 or more in Poland. Unfortunately the tendency is that the drawbacks and work of outsourcing is in adverse ratio to the time rate!


We have offices/local partners in:


  • Lithuania (Kaunas)
  • Latvia (Riga)
  • Ukraine (Lviv)
  • Poland (Oborniki/Poznan)
  • China (Jiangyin/Shanghai)
  • USA


Our activities are extensive and include:


  • Market selection
  • Partner search
  • Transfer of production lines
  • Localization of suitable production facilities
  • Consultancy in connection with purchase of land, buildings etc.
  • Subsidy applications (up to DKK 300.000 for the Baltic Countries, Ukraine and others), Appointment of workforce locally


Subsequently, we can to some extent assist in the final quality control, follow up on deliveries etc.


Sourcing and sub-supplier cooperation


Instead of outsourcing the entire production it is often more beneficial to either buy the products locally or to establish a cooperation with local sub-suppliers.
The iron and metal industry as well as the furniture/wood industry can benefit from local suppliers of components and spare parts in the previous Eastern European and Baltic countries whereas the textile industry should look for suppliers in Ukraine and China. The Electronic sector can benefit from sourcing in China or India.  

This is done in close cooperation with local partners,  based on the individual requirements:

  • Technology, i.e. technology required for production
  • Capacity
  • Quality


Completed projects

In collaboration with national and international companies JMS Management has completed several projects within export, strategic development and business intelligence




Ongoing projects
At this moment JMS Management is  working on a project to establish contact between Lithuania and a Danish factory specialised within metal processing. Furthermore we are involved in a larger environmental project and the establisment of a surface treatment plant in China.




Complete or partial outsourcing of production to countries with low vages.



Subsidy options

Counselling on subsidy options, applications, EU fonds etc.


Export market analysis

We have partners in 45 countries and work close together with the Danish cousil of export.


Strategic development

Advice on business intelligence, strategic develoment etc.


Board of Directors

Det er fremtiden man er nødt til at forholde sig til – og styre efter. Det kræver kompetente sparringspartnere, der har fingeren på pulsen.