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We can advice on relevant business  subsidies, preparation of applications etc within the following areas:



Grants are given to Scandinavian companies for e.g. consultancy assistance, travel and accommodation including own employees etc. if they want to establish productions facilities in  The Baltic countries, Ukraine, Rumania, Bulgaria. China and India, but also other countries outside EU might  be considered.


EU regional grants

EU regional grants are given to companies domiciled on Southern part of Funen incl. Langeland, Lolland-Falster and Northern Jutland. The grant is given to finance market analysis, product development etc and will cover up to 30-70% of the costs.


EU supports of market analysis

EU supports market analysis with up to 50.000 EURO and on tope 50.000 EURO for investment purposes (through the subsidy programme JEV); if a project cooperation is entered with a company in another European country.



Export subsidies (however limited) can be obtained from The Danish Trade Council, and these subsidies are mainly given to obtain consultancy from the trade departments in the Embassies.


The PS-programme under Danida

The PS programme is  a vey interesting (yet often ignored) possibility, if it is acceptable that the subsidy applies to selected countries such as Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Ghana, Egypt, Bolivia and others. The subsidy is granted according to specific guide lines for the establishment of a cooperation with a local partner (a ”must”) and up to DKK 5M or more (90% of actual expenses) can be obtained. This arrangement may seem slightly bureaucratic, but when started it is easy to grasp and an inexpensive way of getting started!


Other subsidy schemes

Add to the above innumerable other subsidy schemes. E.g. all new EU countries  can get a grant covering up to 80% of all costs connected to the development of the company and business including market analysis.

Completed projects

In collaboration with national and international companies JMS Management has completed several projects within export, strategic development and business intelligence




Ongoing projects
At this moment JMS Management is  working on a project to establish contact between Lithuania and a Danish factory specialised within metal processing. Furthermore we are involved in a larger environmental project and the establisment of a surface treatment plant in China.